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What is SDF (Sildenafil)

The active substance of SDF 20 pill is Sildenafil. The same substance is used in famous Viagra which is one of the best medications developed to cure erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil has helped millions of men all over the world to solve their sexual problems. SDF 100mg is also a very popular drug which is well-known in bodybuilding community. But it doesn’t mean that all athletes have erectile dysfunction although it is one of side effects caused by anabolic androgenic steroids.

The deal is that SDF 20 pill has strong vasodilating action. That’s why it gained popularity among bodybuilders who benefit from better blood circulation in muscle tissues which helps them to achieve so called ‘Pump’ effect. This effect makes muscle look bigger and more defined while providing condition for more effective load during workouts. SDF tablets are of great use not only in bodybuilding but also in other power sports.

SDF 100 results

The effect pursued by bodybuilders who buy SDF is similar to that of Nitrovasolidators. But SDF has completely different mechanics of action. Moreover, Sildenafil is the active substance of Viagra which has hardly any side effects. That’s why SDF tablets are much safer for use in power sports. But still there some simple rules that allow to avoid even the slightest possible negative effects:

  • Carefully read the list of contraindications and administration terms
  • Never exceed the dosing of 25mg taken at once
  • To avoid tolerance to the medication it is advisable not to take it in rest days
  • It is not recommended to use the product longer than 6 weeks (if taken on training days only) or 4 weeks (if taken daily)

The best timing for SDF administration is just before the workout. In this case the athlete would be able to get maximum ‘pump’ effect. Better blood circulation in muscle tissue allows to deliver more essential substances which improves stamina and reduces recovery period after the workout. SDF may improve muscle mass gain and strength, as well provide better muscle definition.

SDF for sale

One of few disadvantages of SDF pills is their price. But you can save a lot by buying it online. There are plenty of online sport pharmacies where you can get any medication without prescription. But if you prefer 100% original products and care about your health we recommend that you buy supplements and medications from our website. As a bonus we offer competitive pricing and fast delivery all over the USA.

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