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Active half-life 2.5-3 HOURS
Classification PEPTIDE HORMONE
Dosage MEN 4-10 IU/DAY
Active substance SOMATROPINE - 191 AMINO ACID
Form 1 PEN X 36 IU

What is genotropin

In the end of the 80’s bodybuilding enthusiasts all over the world discovered a new tool that allowed to boost muscle growth and to achieve outstanding results that seemed impossible before. Since then professional bodybuilders have dramatically increased the weight and volume of their muscles. Before the advent of Genotropin, steroids were believed to be the most powerful and fast solution for gaining huge muscles. Genotropin contains growth hormone which is responsible for growing and restoring tissues in human body.

Somatropin (another name for growth hormone) is a peptide hormone secreted in human body. We should thank it for the fact that we grow up, develop and turn from a small baby into an adult. The highest levels of this hormone are detected in early childhood, the peak is reached during puberty, and starting from the age of 26 the quantity of secreted somatropin decreases.

HGH Genotropin pen 12 mg

When it comes to using medications many athletes find it difficult to integrate that into their workout routine. They need something more discreet and hassle-free than traditional syringes and vials. Genotropin pen 12 mg turned out to be the perfect solution for using growth hormone in sports. It’s a multi-dose injector with two-chamber cartridges. You can make injections under your skin anytime and anywhere, while Genotropin 12 mg seems to have the best dosing for use in bodybuilding.

The generally recognized effects of taking Genotropin HGH are:

  • boosted muscle growth
  • suppression of catabolism
  • decreasing subcutaneous fat
  • faster recovery and healing
  • anti-aging effects
  • boosted bone growth
  • improved immune defense
  • increased blood glucose level

Pfizer Genotropin price

When deciding which growth hormone to buy those bodybuilders who take care of their health and prefer quality products usually choose Pfizer Genotropin. Considering the price of Genotropin – it’s definitely not among the cheapest options available in the USA. The most obvious way to save is to buy online. Our shop guarantees fast and accurate delivery. If you are not ready to order right now, keep coming back to be the first to know about sale.

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