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Turhoged (10 mg, 100 tab) is a steroid for oral administration, which can be effectively used for muscle growth and strength increasing. This drug is a comparably strong anabolic with moderately-low androgenic activity, minimal risk of side effects and a wide range of positive effects.

Its active substance is chlordehydromethyltestosterone, commonly known as Oral Turinabol. The popularity of this product and the drugs created on its basis is high in sport today which is indicated by the incredibly high demand among athletes of the current disciplines including bodybuilding.

Among the main effects of Turhoged taking are: stimulation of quality growth of muscles with minimal recoil, increase of relief and stiffness of muscles, increase of endurance and strength. It has also been determined that the level of globulin that binds the sex hormones can be decreased during the administration of this steroid, as a result of which the concentration of free testosterone will increase. There is also data indicating that chlordehydromethyltestosterone reduces the risk of blood clots in the heart and blood vessels.

Turchoged (like its analogs for the active substance) can be classified as the safest and generally "soft" steroids. Such drugs are often advised for taking by newcomers in sports practice for the initial “acquaintance” with steroids and development of sports results. Depending on the purpose of use this steroid also perfectly suites to professional athletes and its high effectiveness has been proved many times.

Side effects of this anabolic steroid almost do not occur (when the drug is properly administered). Turhoged is not associated with such side effects as pronounced fluid retention, gynecomastia, acne, body hair, hair loss on the head and in general, estrogenic or androgenic disorders. Current steroid only moderately suppresses the body's natural production of testosterone while the toxic effect of these tablets for the liver is low, if preparation is not abused by the application. Among the main advantages of the Turhoged are:

  • Qualitative muscles growth
  • Increased stamina and strength
  • Increase of the muscle relief
  • Increase of the muscle hardness
  • Lack of aromatization

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