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What is Tamoximed

Tamoximed by SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL is a tamoxifen-based drug which is used for treatment of breast cancer. Its anti-estrogenic properties allow to reduce size of tumors and prevent them from growing. Tumors of some types need estrogens to grow in size. Excess quantity of estrogens may cause breast augmentation in men and women.

Although breast cancer is almost exclusively a female disease, Tamoximed is much more popular among men. The reason is the fact that the drug is very often used to complement steroid cycles. High dosing and long cycles of medications with high androgenic properties significantly increase the risk of feminization effects including lipid storage, fluid retention, gynecomastia and other side effects. Tamoximed has strong anti-estrogenic action which allows to prevent aromatase processes.

Tamoximed results

Bodybuilders buy Tamoximed to get the following effects:

  • Decrease of “bad cholesterol” levels, increase of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Increase of endogeneous testosterone production
  • Arrested estrogenic activity
  • Prevention of water retention
  • Recovery of own testosterone production

Tamoximed increases the sensitivity of pituitary gland to gonadotropin releasing hormone which increases the levels of luteinizing hormone and testosterone production in testicles. This effect is only present during the drug administration.

Incorrect administration of Tamoximed may cause side effects. The drug doesn’t block aromatase entirely – it only suppresses certain receptors. Testosterone and its synthetic analogs still convert into estrogens. To avoid the converse effect, Tamoximed is often combined with Proviron. High dosing of the steroid may cause significant suppression of insulin-like growth factor, vision disorder, fever, headaches.

Tamoximed for sale

Before buying Tamoximed you should keep in mind that this medication is very powerful. The recommended dosing is half as high as the one of Clomed which has similar effect. If you are looking for the lowest price and would like to avoid buying a fake product, we recommend that you buy Tamoximed online from our website. We also offer fast and confidential delivery all over the USA.

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