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What is Naposim

Naposim is a famous product by Vermodje. The active substance is methandienone. This substance is a steroid with the following properties: increase of muscle mass, improved strength parameters, stronger bone, improved appetite, accelerated protein synthesis, prominent anti-catabolic action. Naposim is active for 5 hours after administration and can be detected with 5-week period. Naposim is manufactured in a form of tablets. Anabolic activity is 200%, androgenic properties – 50% (compared to testosterone). One cycle of Naposim may bring up to 10kg of body weight (muscle + water).

Naposim results

Most reviews by athletes who use Naposim are positive although many of them reported significant throwback after the cycle completion. Unexpectedly, improved appetite turned out to be a two-edged sword: athletes find it difficult to stick to the diet because of permanent hunger. But Naposim still has plenty positive effects. During the first weeks of cycle one can gain 4-7 lbs. of weight. Athletes have to workout harder as their strength increases. In this case they will be able to achieve significant increase of muscle mass.

Like all steroids Naposim has some side effects:

  • water retention
  • low libido (temporary, after the cycle completion)
  • throwback on cycle completion
  • excess appetite (makes it difficult to follow the diet)
  • skin fat
  • acne

Basically, all these negative effects are similar to other anabolic steroids and can be prevented with anti-estrogen medications, e.g. Tamoxifen. Methandienone which is the active substance of Naposim may cut production of own testosterone but on long cycles only. The drug has toxic influence on liver. Incorrect dosing may cause gynecomastia. It’s very important to stick to the recommended dosing as overdosing may lead to significant fall of testosterone production and liver damage.

Naposim for sale

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