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Box of 100 Tbs.

This steroid product can help all bodybuilders to increase their muscle strength and mass by providing powerful androgenic and anabolic action.

Each tablet of the product contains 10 mg of the active substance.

SP Metandienon (Methandienone) is almost never used in a pre-contest period, because it can provide extra water retention, which makes it difficult for bodybuilders to burn extra body fat.

Bodybuilders can achieve good results with the dose of 10-20 mg of SP Metandienon daily. Females should be careful while using this steroid, because it can lead to masculinizing negative effects.

Dosage of SP Metandienon

SP Metandienon can be taken at different doses. The acceptable range is between 2 and 20, or even more, tablets. In general, the preparation can be taken every day. Usually, a sufficient dose, which can secure a quite good action, is approximately 15-49 mg. As usually, bodybuilders are strongly advised to consult their supervising doctor before starting to take Methandienone. The doctor will prescribe the exact dose, which is suitable for each sportsman individually.

It is not recommended to use more than 15-20 mg of SP Metandienon for novices. This amount of the active substance is quite enough to achieve excellent desired results within a rather short period of time, namely about first 8 weeks.

After 8 weeks, Methandienone’s action weakens, but bodybuilders should avoid increasing the dose. They should better add some injectable steroid like Methenolone to their cycle.

It is not recommended to take Testosterone at this stage. Some bodybuilders can gain great results by combining Methandienone with Nandrolone Decanoate.

For experienced or heavyweight sportsmen, the dose can be increased up to 40-50 mg. However, all bodybuilders should remember that too high dosages will not provide better results than those within a normal range. You can purchase this effective steroid at the best prices from our online-store at

A half-life of this medicine is pretty short, namely about 3.5 to 4.5 hours.

The peak concentration of Methandienone is determined in the sportsman’s blood in 1-3 hours after taking the preparation.

10 mg of SP Metandienon is able to increase testosterone levels about 5 times.

Side effects

Side effects of SP Metandienon are reported very seldom. Sometimes, bodybuilders can report appearance of acne on their neck, face, shoulders or back. However, this depends on their genetic predisposition. Some athletes reported extra baldness after using Methandienone. In general, the natural production of testosterone is reduced by approximately 30-40% when the bodybuilder takes Methandienone at the dosage of 20 mg daily.

SP Methandienone is considered to be a very effective steroid product with few side effects. So, if you want to add it to your steroid cycle, you can purchase Methandienone right now from our online-store at

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