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What is letrozole

Letrozol 2 5mg is one of the most frequently used nonsteroid aromatase inhibitors. It is very popular among bodybuilders and other steroid-users. The medication blocks aromatase processes which helps to prevent converting male hormones into estrogens during steroid cycles and after them. Letrozol 2 5mg is legal and officially sold in 65 world countries.

In bodybuilding Letrozole is usually taken during steroid cycles in order to decrease estrogen levels and keep more testosterone. The research has shown that estrogen can be reduced by up to 97% (for high dosing). The recommended dosing allows to decrease estrogen levels by 76-79% which is also a very good result. This product has very high quality and is among the best medications with similar action. Add moderate cost of Letrozole and you’ll see why it is in such great demand by athletes.

Letrozole results

Letrozole is a nonsteroid aromatase inhibitor which has the following effects:

  • reduced negative effects of estrogens including skin imperfections, gynecomastia, subcutaneous fat
  • prevents even the slightest symptoms of gynecomastia from the first week of cycle
  • helps to prevent muscle loss after the cycle due to catabolic effects which is a common case on steroids withdrawal

Letrozole is a recommended medication for after-cycle therapy. It is effective in preserving the positive effects of anabolic androgenic steroids while preventing possible side and throwback effects.

Letrozole for sale

Letrozole is available for sale in most pharmacies all over the USA. But if you don’t have an official prescription it may be hard to buy it from conventional offline drugstores. Moreover, sport pharmacology websites offer the lowest prices on Letrozole. Other advantages of online shopping include flexible and confidential delivery.

But before you order Letrozole online you should calculate the right dosing. For bodybuilders it is recommended to take 1-3mg of the medication at any time of the day. Even 0.1mg taken daily can significantly slow down aromatase action. Do not surpass the recommended quantities as it will significantly increase the risk of negative effects including decreased sexual drive.

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