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What is fluoxymesterone

Fluoxymesterone 10mg is a steroid for oral administration which has extremely powerful androgenic and low anabolic action. It was developed in the end of 50’s. This medication is rather popular among those athletes who pursue better results while keeping their weight stable. Fighters find it useful as it causes aggression due to strong androgenic properties. Fluoxymesterone tablets are also popular in power sports including weight lifting and bodybuilding.

Despite its powerful and reliable characteristics it should be taken with care. It has significant toxic effect on liver, so dosing should be chosen deliberately. It is better to consult experts or a physician before including Fluoxymesterone in your cycle routine. The product is not recommended for beginners as they don’t have necessary background to cope with all possible effects (both positive and negative).

Fluoxymesterone results

Fluoxymesterone for sale can be found in prescription pharmacies and sport pharmacology websites. The reported effects of this medication include:

  • Increased aggression
  • Increased hardness and relief of muscle
  • Insignificant muscle growth (for long cycles)
  • Accelerated haemo-globin synthesis (improved stamina). Fluoxymesterone allows to kickstart the production of red blood cells which deliver oxygen to muscle. The result is more performance with less acidification.
  • Reduced fat. According to the research, Fluoxymesterone accelerates the oxidation of fatty acid in phasic muscles. Due to strong toxic effect the medication is never used for weight loss. This effect is secondary.

It is not recommended to take Fluoxymesterone for more than 5-6 weeks as it will significantly increase the risk of toxic effect on liver. The best option is to take the medication in pre-contest period (for 4 weeks) which will provide the necessary levels of strength parameters and aggression. One should not take more than 20mg daily as it’s hard to define the red line when Fluoxymesterone will bring more harm than profit.

Fluoxymesterone for sale

Even if you find Fluoxymesterone available for sale in an offline pharmacy next to your house, it may be hard to buy it unless you have an official prescription, especially in the USA. The solution is to buy Fluoxymesterone online. In such case you will also benefit from flexible delivery terms.

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