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What is Danabol

Danabol is a trade name of methandienone – the most popular and wide-spread oral steroid. Danabol 10 is produced by SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals – Moldavian manufacturer of inexpensive sport pharmacology products. In Moldavia this steroid is still legal and authorized for free sale. Danabol is often used in the training process of athletes in power sports and bodybuilding. Its main advantages are moderate price and significant anabolic effect.

Danabol 10 results

One cycle of Danabol 10 may bring up to 35 lbs. and significantly improve strength parameters. Athletes in their reviews say that the medication helped them to overcome the plateau in basic exercises and allowed  to set new records. It’s one of the most used steroids in weight lifting disciplines. Muscle mass doesn’t increase only due to water retention. The medication accelerates protein synthesis. Danabol accelerates the synthesis of proteins. That’s why quality weight gain with Danabol is only possible with proper nutrition. The diet should provide 0.7-0.9g of protein per lb of body weight with 1.8-2.3g of carbs. It’s not recommended to consume more proteins as liver and kidneys are already working hard.

Due to high androgenic properties the medication may cause acne on face and body. It usually disappears after the cycle but it is advisable to use anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ointments. Danabol has strong effect on hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis which leads to significant drop in own testosterone levels after the cycle. If no anti-estrogens are taken such negative side effects as gynecomastia and increase of body fat may occur.

The contraindication for Danabol 10 are:

  • atherosclerotic heart disease
  • prostate cancer
  • breast cancer in women with prominent hypercalcemia (increased calcium levels in hemolymph)
  • atherosclerosis
  • kidney and liver diseases
  • acute or chronic prostatitis
  • idiosyncrasy

Danabol for sale

Danabol is available for sale in pharmacies. In the USA this medication belongs to the class of prescription drugs. If you find it difficult to obtain an official prescription consider the possibility of buying Danabol online. If you choose our online shop you will be able to benefit from various delivery options and competitive pricing.

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