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What is Cabergoline

For the first time Cabergoline became available for sale in 1980. It’s also often sold under other trade names. It was first manufactured in the United States and then other countries also launched production of this medication. Today one can buy Cabergoline anywhere in the world.

Although it was primarily developed for medical purposes Cabergoline is now widely used in bodybuilding. Athletes often buy Cabergoline 0.25mg to compensate the negative effects of anabolic steroids. The main action of this drug is intended to launch specific receptors in pituitary gland cells. Those receptors are responsible for the secretion of dopamine which in turn blocks prolactin production.

This peptide hormone affects human behavior, at the same time its synthesis depends on behavior. So, it’s kind of catch-22. When a man is depressed his prolactin production increases while when he is happy the dopamine surge suppresses its synthesis.

Cabergoline results

Cabergoline tablets have become very popular thanks to the following properties:

  • stimulation of erectile function
  • decreasing blood pressure
  • removing excess fluid

In bodybuilding taking Cabergoline as a supplement allow to accelerate the process of muscle gain and achieve better muscle definition. It is usually combined with anabolic steroid. The dosing depends on own hormone level. Cabergoline may also be taken after AAS’s cycles when high levels of prolactin are often observed.

Cabergoline side effects

The side effects of Cabergoline are mainly caused by failing to adhere to recommended dosing. Negative consequences of misuse may include:

  • low immune protection
  • weakness
  • salt-water imbalance

Generally, this medication is rather harmless and simple adherence to prescribed dosing and timing will help you to avoid or minimize all possible side effects. However, if you experience any of the side effects stop taking the medicine then return to the cycle with lower dosing and frequency of administration.

Cabergoline for sale

Many bodybuilders who consider where to buy Cabergoline come across the idea of purchasing it online. It is especially convenient for the USA where you can get fast nationwide delivery. Moreover, buying Cabergoline online allows you to compare all available offers and find sales or offers.

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