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What is cabaser

It’s commonly known that health and results in sports depend on the endocrine profile. One of the key parameters is the level of prolactin. This hormone belongs to polypeptides and consists of about 200 amino acids. It is very similar to the growth hormone. The main organ that influences the quantity of prolactin is lacteal glands. Prolactin is especially important for breast feeding women.

So, how is all that related to bodybuilding? The fact is that prolactin production is accelerated during steroid cycle which has negative effect on athlete’s performance. Cabaser 1mg is a medication that allows to decrease prolactin levels both in men and women and thus prevent possible negative consequences. Cabaser tablets are available in all decent drugstores.

Cabaser results

Cabaser 1mg has some properties that may be helpful in bodybuilding – it improves libido, reduces recovery time, provides stronger erection.

Low prolactin in combination with high testosterone provide for the feeling of confidence, make a man less concessive and shift his behavior toward a more polygamous pattern. Low prolactin makes a man more mentally stable and less dependent on public opinion. It also leads to shorter refractory periods and generally improves sexual life.

Cabaser side effects

Although one can buy Cabaser in any pharmacy, it is still necessary to follow the recommendations to ensure the best results and avoid possible negative effects. Sometimes the following side effects may occur:

  • increased sensitivity
  • rash
  • nausea and vomiting
  • depression
  • sleep disorder
  • loss of appetite

The above mentioned effects are often the result of surpassing the recommended dosing or individual sensitivity to some ingredients. As soon as you notice any of side effects address your therapist immediately.

Cabaser for sale

Cabaser for sale is available in all drugstores. If you are right now deciding where to buy Cabaser consider web-pharmacies. Buying Cabaser online has many advantages including home delivery. Moreover, in some countries including the USA you may need an official prescription to buy it.

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