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Active half-life 22 days

What is Aromasin

Aromasin belongs to the class of aromatase blocking agents which decreases the production of female hormones. This medication has been approved by FDA and Aromasin for sale can be found in any drugstore.  National healthcare institutions buy Aromasin to manage breast cancer. It has proved its effectiveness for treatment of breast lumps in women of menopausal age.

In bodybuilding Aromasin is used during steroid cycles to decrease aromatase effect (conversion of testosterone into estrogens) which often occurs as a side effect of AAS’s. Athletes often purchase Aromasin 25mg with testosterone propionate and similar steroids.

By blocking the process of aromatase, Aromasin stops the increase of estrogen levels in athlete’s body. That helps to avoid such problems as changes in gland tissue and low own testosterone. Gonadotrophic hormone levels are also on the rise.

Aromasin results

The recognized Aromasin effects include:

  • prevention of gynecomastia
  • decrease in estrogens production (by 97%)
  • increase in anabolic hormones levels
  • better muscle definition
  • prevention of high blood pressure

In bodybuilding the schedule and dosing of Aromasin is usually chosen by the athlete himself. Some people include it in their cycle as soon as they observe the first signs of aromatase (chest pain, itching nipples, etc.). But the recommended method consists in having estradiol tests in around 10 days after the cycle begins. Then one can decide if he needs Aromasin by reference to the test results.

The most common dosing is 10-15mg every other day. In bodybuilding Aromasin is usually taken until the symptoms disappear or estradiol levels drop to normal parameters. Overdosing may slow down muscle growth, lead to high cholesterol and low bone strength. At the same time this aromatase blocking agent is better than its analogs including tamoxifen in terms of tolerance.

Aromasin side effects

Surpassing the recommended dosing and taking too much aromatase blocking agents may lead to excess suppression of estrogens production and cause the following effects:

  • slowdown in muscle gain
  • depression
  • low sexual drive
  • high cholesterol
  • joint pains
  • low bone strength
  • nausea
  • dryness in urinogenital area

Aromasin for sale

Aromasin can be bought from any conventional drugstore across the USA. Moreover, if you looking flexible delivery options or prefer to buy products that are on sale, try buying Aromasin online. Thus you will be able to compare prices and conditions on numerous websites without need to leave your house and browse through offline pharmacies. In some countries online purchase is the only way as pharmacists will require an official prescription.

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