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What is anastrozole

Anastrozole was developed by Zeneca Pharmaceuticals and it was first used in the USA in 1995. Initially it was developed for treatment of resectable breast lumps in women. Research conducted on 9000 females showed its high effectiveness with degradation of tumors and higher survival rate. Since 2002 it has been gaining popularity among athletes due to its anti-estrogenic effects.

Bodybuilders usually buy Anastrozole 1 mg to reduce estrogen production in male body. The medication belongs to the class of aromatase blocking agents. Aromatase is a process of conversion of testosterone into estrogens. That often happens when athletes take anabolic steroids in order to increase testosterone levels and gain more muscle in a short period of time.

Anastrozole results

Anastrozole has plenty of positive effects. The active substance contained in Anastrozole can help athletes who would like to achieve their best results and be successful in bodybuilding. The most of uses of Anastrozole 1 mg tablet include:

  • prevention of gynecomastia in men
  • prevention of hypertension
  • managing existing gynecomastia
  • increasing testosterone levels in the blood stream

Anastrozole side effects

The side effects of Anastrozole only occur in case of overdosing. Too much medication leads to too fast suppression of estrogens which may be harmful to endocrine system and cause some undesired consequences although none of them are lethal. So, if one doesn’t adhere to recommended dosing and timing, the following side effects may occur:

  • pain in joints
  • slow muscle gain
  • decline in overall wellness
  • degradation of bone strength
  • low will for workouts
  • decreased spirits
  • overall decline in results

One should adhere to all recommendation when taking Anastrozole with special attention given to proper dosing. The medication itself is nearly harmless and should be administered during a long period to see noticeable results.

Anastrozole for sale

Before considering where to buy Anastrozole one should decide which form of medication and dosing will better suit his purpose. For athletes Anastrozole 1 mg tablet is the best option which is easy to find on sale. We would recommend you to buy Anastrozole online, otherwise you will need a prescription in many countries including the USA. Quick and flexible delivery is another plus of such choice.

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