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Active half-life 48-72 HOURS

Aldactone is a trade name for spironolactone – a popular diuretic agent which has been used in healthcare since 1960’s. This medicine is included in various treatment plans. Aldactone can help to manage high blood pressure and edema caused by cardiac insufficiency. The drug is also used for treatment of low potassium levels in blood. Outside healthcare Aldactone is a popular supplement for weight loss.

Being a high quality diuretic, Aldactone is popular with athletes including bodybuilders who take part in contests. Although it is not among the most powerful ones, Aldactone’s effects may provide good results. Those athletes who need to fit into a specific weight category often buy Aldactone 100mg as it may significantly decrease their weight in a short period. Most decent drugstores offer Aldactone 100mg for sale and always have it on stock.

Aldactone results

The effect of Aldactone is mainly based on high water and sodium washout. The huge quantity of water and sodium can be removed from human body within a short period. Aldactone is better than other diuretics as it’s a potassium-sparing agent. Loosing too much potassium may lead to electrolytic imbalance and strong cramps. Cramps may be severe and occur in different body parts at the same time causing unbearable pain. Aldactone will help to avoid that.

In sports Aldactone is used for the same purpose – to remove fluid. But in this case excess fluid should be removed. If an athlete doesn’t fit into desired weight category letting some water out could help. Actually it’s not real weight loss, but fluid loss. The bodybuilders use Aldactone during shredding just before the contest so that their muscle looks more lean and defined.

Aldactone side effects

Taking into account that this diuretic is very popular with the consumers of anabolic steroids. it’s worth mentioning that Aldactone’s side effects are much more severe than that of AAS’s. In general this diuretic agent is safe unless you dehydrate your body to critical state. That may lead to death. There are some other side effects of Aldactone that you should be aware of:

  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Fever
  • Gynecomastia (rarely)
  •  Headache

Aldactone for sale

Aldactone 100mg for sale is available in all conventional pharmacies. In the USA you may need a prescription to buy this medication. If you don’t have one consider buying Aldactone online. Home delivery is an extra advantage of this purchasing method.

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