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What is tri trenaver

Tri Trenaver is an anabolic androgenic steroid manufactured by Vermodje. This Moldavian manufacturer is well-known in the bodybuilding community for quality products and reasonable pricing. The steroid is a mixture of trenbolone ethers. It comes in injectable form, each vial contains 10ml. The concentration is 200mg of active substance per ml.

Initially this steroid was used to improve the appetite and the muscle mass of livestock. The mixture has longer action compared to trenbolone ethers used separately. The anabolic effect is very pronounced but the risk of side effects is rather high. Tri Trenaver 200 is often used by bodybuilding professionals as it connects to androgenic receptors five times more often than testosterone.

Tri trenaver results

Tri Trenaver is available for sale in many pharmacology shops and websites and is in great demand. This steroid brings amazing results, while the list of its proved effects includes:

  • Significant increase of muscle mass. Athletes gain up to 20 lbs. just in two months of solo cycle
  • Better growth parameters
  • Anti-catabolic action. Tri Trenaver 200 causes significant decrease of cortisone levels
  • Boost of growth hormone production
  • Reduced fat depot
  • Increase of sexual drive during the cycle with significant decrease afterwards
  • Increase of insulin-like growth factor

Tri trenaver for sale

If you are thinking of buying Tri Trenaver online you should carefully calculate the quantity of product you will need. The cycle usually lasts for 6-8 weeks. The recommended weekly dosing is between 300 and 400mg. Injections are usually made twice a week but for the first cycle one injection a week would be enough. If the cycle lasts for less than six weeks there is no need to complement it with gonadotropin. For longer cycles it is recommended to start HCG injections (500-1000 UI) from the second week. After-cycle therapy may include boosters to restore own testosterone production.

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