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Trenbolone acetate is very strong androgenic steroid which, in addition, has anabolic action also. It gives fast and strong strength growth to the user without significant body weight increase. The fact is that Trenbolone acetate doesn’t accumulate water and due to this it was especially loved by the powerlifters who were willing to remain in defined weight category. The strength growth may be compared to the growth of so famous steroids as Danabol, Anapolon 50 and Testosterones.

Trenbolone acetate’s feature is that its acting substance plays active role in fat burning. It was very popular among professional bodybuilders during the preparation to competitions because contributed to good fullness of the athletes with already low fat concentration in the organism. Trenbolone acetate helped reaching high strength and quality muscle mass growth with right nutrition while the musculature was becoming denser. Since the preparation is the acetate form of Trenbolone acetate, it has limited action period and that’s why the often and regular injections are required. Majority of the athletes injected 30 mg every second day although the dosages of 30 mg per day or 60 mg every second day weren’t rare, because this led to huge strength growth and big and always quality growth of muscle mass.

Trenbolone acetate is not aromatized because its active substance is not converted to estrogens. In combination with winstrol it has astonishing action on the body. Bodybuilders combined 30 mg of Trenbolone acetate every one-two days with Strombaject of 50 mg also every one-two days during the periods of volume growth and also during the preparation to the competitions. No other combination gives the athlete such unbelievable elasticity and so clear muscle mass growth. The possibility of such body transfiguration seemed to be shocking to the uninitiated observer. Profs adored this combination. Together with Danabol or Anapolon-50 or Testosterones, Trenbolone acetate constructed muscle and strength in record time.

Unfortunately, these positive aspects of Trenbolone acetate are darkened by the side effects. Trenbolone acetate is quiet toxic for the liver and also leads to thrusting pains in right and left kidney at some athletes. The first symptom of possible kidney injury is urine darkening. That’s why Trenbolone acetate shouldn’t be used in high dosages and for long period. Besides this, you should pay attention to increasing liquid use which will help washing out the kidneys.

Trenbolone is the steroid of professionals and is not suitable for the amateurs: it should be used by the sportsmen of advanced level and the athletes that consider to participate in the competitions.

Since Trenbolone wasn’t produced for long time, many athletes passed on Parabolan which may be found on sale and also having trenbolone as the active compound.

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