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What is Sustamed

Sustamed 250 is manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. It’s a powerful medication with both anabolic and androgenic effects. The active substance of Sustamed contains decanoate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and propionate which are nothing but different ethers of testosterone. Unlike each of these ethers taken separately, Sustamed 250 should be injected less frequently. The most effective schedule is one injection in six weeks. The maximum levels of testosterone in the bloodstream are registered in 15 days after injection. Then they drop to the initial values after 4 weeks.

Sustamed was first produced in 70’s by Organon. This steroid was initially used for therapy of diseases caused by low production of own testosterone. Such disorders include sexual dysfunction, delayed puberty, female oncology. Today it is used in sports only.

Sustamed 250 results

Sustamed 250 causes the following effects and changes:

  • accelerated protein production followed by increase of body weight
  • improved appetite
  • stronger sexual drive
  • better blood production

The medication is able to increase the quantity of red blood cells in blood. That allows to transport oxygen to muscle tissue cells more effectively. Aerobic ability increases allowing breaking down ATP molecules.

Several ethers are more effective as they all act at different times. Bodybuilders don’t need frequent injections to keep their testosterone levels high. Sustamed 250 is in great demand in power lifting and bodybuilding.

Sustamed for sale

Sustamed 250 by Balkan has plenty of positive reviews. But most of them were written by professional athletes who do not pay too much attention Sustamed cost. Amateurs and beginners often criticize the medication for its price. Buying each testosterone ether separately is cheaper, but in such case one cannot benefit from the advantage of less frequent injections. If you have decided that Sustamed is just what you need to boost your workout process and gain amazing results faster, consider buying this drug online. Our web-pharmacy will offer you best prices and fast delivery to any point across the USA.

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