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Stanozolol 50 – nothing than the derivative of dihydrotestosterone but stanozolol itself is less active than the similar androgen. Strombaject, also called winstrol has stronger anabolic effect than androgenic one. In contrast, dihydrotestosterone shows only side effects that present at androgenic steroids.

Stanozolol effects:

The anabolic properties of the preparation concede to more powerful preparations but nevertheless Stanozolol 50mg is a secure means for quality musculature construction. Stanozolol like Danabol are alkylated by 17-alpha and that’s why there exists its oral form. The preparation is not aromatized and this makes unneeded the use of anti-estrogens. The possibility for gynecomastia while using Strombaject is very little even at the athletes who are disposed to it. Also, Stanozolol doesn’t accumulate water in the tissues.

Stanozolol dosage:

All the characteristics of Strombaject that are listed above make Stanozolol highly useful steroid for the use in short courses when the water accumulation and subcutaneous fat presence are not desired. Due to the Stanozolol’s ability to increase stamina, the preparation is very popular in track and field, swimming, cycling…

Strombaject is safer than its oral form – Strombafort since the tableted stanozolol affects the liver.

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