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What is Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is rather popular in bodybuilding community. First of all, it provides for strength development and increases muscle mass. The main feature of Propionate compared to Testosterone Enanthate is less water retention. That’s why many bodybuilders consider Propionate injections inefficient – it’s hard to gain 8-10 kg in one month on this steroid. At the same time experienced athletes use it to prepare their bodies for bodybuilding contests.

Propionate in combination with highly anabolic and low-androgenic steroids like Winstol or Primobolan brings fast subcutaneous fat burn and provides for growth of quality muscles. Such combinations are a classic example of synergism when strong substances increase their performance when used together. Moreover, you can buy Propionate 50mg at a very low price since it is among the most inexpensive steroids available for sale at the market.

Propionate results

SP Propionate has been used in bodybuilding for quite a long time. That allowed to collect full information on all possible Propionate effects:

  • adjusted nitrogen balance – protein production surpasses catabolism thus providing for muscle hypertrophy
  • increased levels of insulin-like growth factor in liver and muscles
  • faster recovery process and activation of satellite cells in muscle tissue
  • reduced fat production (in case of proper administration)
  • increase in strength
  • better look of muscles
  • increased libido
  • prevention of coronary heart desease and ishemic heart desease

Propionate is characterized by short time of action. Injections are usually made every other day. That is one of its main disadvantages compared to analogs with longer lifetime like Enanthate. The product can be used either for weight gaining or shredding.

Propionate side effects

The side effects of Testosterone Propionate are derived from the fact that it easily aromatizes and turns into estrogens. Like any other testosterone ether it may cause:

  • gynecomastia
  • acne
  • hair loss on head
  • hair growth on body
  • prostate enlargement (especially among seniors)
  • masculinization (for women)

Propionate for sale

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