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What is Drostanolone

Drostanolone is a steroid with androgenic and anabolic features. There are two options of this preparation each base on different testosterone ether. Those who would like to use Drostanolone for bodybuilding have to choose between testosterone propionate and enanthate. Both forms have same effects but different absorption rate. The effective life of enanthate is around 15 days while propionate reaches its peak performance in 2-4 days after injection.

The product has moderate anabolic and high androgenic action. If you buy Drostanolone 200mg you shouldn’t be afraid of estrogenic effects as there is no conversion of testosterone into estrogens. This preparation was first used for breast cancer therapy but today Drostanolone enanthate is more often used by athletes.

Drostanolone results

Reported Drostanolone effects include:

  • moderate diuretic action
  • suppression of catabolism
  • improved strength parameters
  • prominent fat burning effect proved by official tests (subjects have lost up to 5-7 % of fat after one cycle)
  • muscles gained during cycle last longer while being more defined, hard and dense

Bodybuilders usually use this steroid for shredding and during the pre-contest period. The maximum performance is reached at 400-500mg of Drostanolone a week. Higher doses do not cause significant increase of effectiveness but make the occurrence of negative side effects more possible.

Drostanolone side effects

High fat burning effects which derives from low anabolic index has also a negative side. That is the risk of androgenic reaction. Reported side effects include:

  • hair loss
  • prostate hyperplasia
  • high aggression level
  • acne
  • virilization

This steroid has minimum toxic effect on liver, does not cause water retention and high blood pressure. Although Drostanolone for sale is available in most specialized shops it should be administered with care to avoid possible negative effects.

Drostanolone for sale

The product is rather accessible and even if you live in a small town there must be dozens of shops where one can buy Drostanolone. However, fake steroid are wide spread today, even in the USA. That’s why we would recommend that you buy Drostanolone online from our trustful website. You will be able to choose any delivery option that suits you. Please check if your favorite product is on sale.


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