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What is Cypionate 200

Cypionate has the longest active period compared to all testosterone options available today. This hormone has been used by bodybuilding enthusiasts for a long time. Although it’s the main male hormone, women can also benefit from its effects. Taking testosterone allows for significant increase in basic physique which will definitely lead to better results.

Cypionate 200 for sale is available in sport pharmacology shops. The sellers advertise it as the most long-lasting testosterone option. How is that effect reached? Testosterone here is linked to ether which allows it to be stored in fat tissue for about half a month. During this period the active substance is gradually released into the bloodstream. In such conditions it’s easier to decrease the number of Cypionate injections for more convenience.  In fact Cypionate is similar to Enanthate – these two forms of testosterone are completely interchangeable, both available in the form of injections only.

Cypionate results

Cypionate is in high demand in the bodybuilding community thanks to the following effects:

  • Prominent muscle growth. Steroid cycle leads to fast hydration of cells and water gives tissue significant volume. That provides for better muscle look but at the same time is the reason for throwback in the end of the cycle. The accumulated fluid counts for up to one third of the total weight gain.
  • Improved strength parameters
  • Activated production of red blood cells. More oxygen in blood allows muscle to work more effectively and improves athlete’s stamina
  • High sexual drive and semen production
  • Providing positive nitrogen balance (protein production surpasses its breakdown)
  • Better phosphoric metabolism

Although Cypionate 200 for sale is widely available, it cannot be recommended to be used beginners without proper supervision. The reason is its high aromatization level. Muscle growth often comes with increased production of female hormones which may lead to gynecomastia. That undesired effect can be prevented with special medications including aromatase blocking agents. Other side effects may include hair growth on body and face, excess skin fat, acne.

Cypionate for sale

Cypionate is especially popular and widely spread in the USA. American customers prefer to buy Cypionate online which allows them to enjoy various delivery options, offers and seasonal sales.

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