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Active half-life 14 DAYS
Dosage MEN 200-600 MG/WEEK
Water retention YES
Hepatoxity YES
Form 10 ML X 100 MG/ML

What is parabolan 100

Parabolan 100 manufactured by SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a powerful steroid medication. The active substance included in this product is trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. This steroid was first used to increase the weight and appetite of livestock. Parabolan does not aromatise. Pure trenbolone is not used as a steroid because of its very short active period. That’s why only ethers of this substance are used in sport pharmacology. Parabolan 100 is one of such products.

This ether of trenbolone is injected into muscle and then delivers the active substances into the bloodstream gradually. Parabolan 100 has prominent anabolic action. However if misused it may cause severe side effects.

Parabolan results

Trenbolone is derived from testosterone but it connects to androgenic receptors fivefold as often. That’s how high anabolic activity is reached. Very few steroids have similar effect on strength parameters and muscle mass. Parabolan for sale is available in all sport supplement shops. The product is extremely popular both among experienced athletes and amateurs. One of its main features is the fact that it doesn’t convert into estrogens. It explains why this steroid does not cause water retention and cases of gynecomastia are very rare.

Other reported effects of Parabolan include:

  • Fast increase of muscle mass. Only one cycle of Parabolan may bring up to 21 lbs. of muscle tissue
  • Improved strength parameters
  • Increased growth hormone production
  • Fat burning
  • Prominent increase of libido which decreases drastically when the cycle ends if not complemented with Clomed or Gonadotropin
  • Twofold increase of IGF

Parabolan for sale

If you search where to buy Parabolan on the web you may come across some negative feedback by beginning athletes. They often report that their urine changes its color to red and mistakenly consider that fact as the symptom of liver damage. That’s not right because red color is caused by methabolites which are removed with urine. Before you buy Parabololan online consider complementing it with such medications as Oxandronol, Winstrol, Stanozolol, Methandienon, Primobolan, Bolderon, Oxymetholone and testosterone ethers. Buying online is a hassle-free way to get all medications you need for your cycle in one package which will be delivered anywhere in the USA.

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