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Active half-life 14 DAYS
Dosage MEN 200-600 MG/WEEK
Water retention YES
Hepatoxity YES
Aromatization NO
Form 10 ML X 100 MG/ML

Parabolan is a strong androgenic steroid that also has high anabolic qualities. Its feature is that in contrast to other strong androgenic steroids it is not aromatized.
The active chemical substance of the preparation doesn’t convert to estrogens so that the athlete is not required to fight against the high concentration of estrogens in the blood and the cases of feminization. Besides these during Parabolan use there is no any water retain in the issues. These features make Parabolan an excellent steroid for the preparation to competitions. In the given phase in combination with high protein diet it is very effective. If the low percentage of fat is achieved by the mean of low-calorie nutrition Parabolan gives the athlete huge toughness of the muscles.

Parabolan cycle

The highly androgenic effects action prevents the possible syndrome of over-training, accelerates restoration, and the muscles look filled and with sharp contours at the same time. To those who use it Parabolan gives unusual strength growth that is especially strongly observed during the use of Parabolan with Oxandrolon. Since Parabolan doesn’t retain water, there is no any sharp increase of the weight and the quality growth of muscles is observed. The athletes who use Parabolan, tell about the general enhancement of muscle toughness without any diet.

Parabolan dosage

The combination with injection Strombaject and Parabolan which gives the athlete growth of high quality musculature together with the huge increase of strength. Parabolan is the not-acetate version of Trenbolone, that’s why theoretically not too many injections are possible. In the instruction guide the producer informs that Parabolan may be injected just every 14 days but this in no way the effective way of use for the athletes. Most of them inject it at least 2 times per week. There are also those who inject at least 2 ampoules daily in last 3-4 weeks before the competitions. The dosage for majority is 228 mg per week that corresponds to three ampoules per week. The experience shows that the best results are achieved during the use of one 76 g ampoule every 2-3 days.

The combination of an ampoule of Parabolan every 2 days plus 50 mg of Strombaject every two days and 50 mg of Testosterone Propionate every two days. The athletes who are interested in quick mass growth often use also 30 mg of Danabol per day, on the other hand, the ones who are interested in muscle quality and strength add 225 mg of Oxandrolone per day. Parabolan is not a steroid for course during all-year round because it is quiet toxic. The duration of the use must be limited with maximum of 8 weeks. It turned out that Parabolan first of all, gives load for kidneys rather than liver. The athletes using it in large dosages and for long time, often tell about unusual darkness of the urine. In extreme cases there may appear even blood in the urine, which surely tells that the kidneys are injured. Those who use Parabolan should additionally drink 3 liters of water daily because this helps wash the kidneys.
Since Parabolan doesn’t cause water and salts retain, the blood pressure increase is a rarity.

Many athletes that use Parabolan show the symptoms aggressive behavior, the reason for this is strong androgenic action of the preparation. On the other hand acne and hair loss is very rare. The reason for this is, possibly that the active chemical substance of the preparation doesn’t convert to dehydrotestosterone.
As the use of the preparation stops the sharp strength fall is observed, the grown musculature is kept longer at the same time. Because Parabolan decreases endogen testosterone secretion, it is recommended to use testosterone-stimulating preparations at the end of the preparation use.

Parabolan side effects

Beginners in steroid courses shouldn’t use Parabolan. The same relates to female athletes.
But also there exists enough number of female bodybuilders who use Parabolan. First of all these relates to female professionals who are at the stage of preparation for the competitions. Females inject not more than one ampoule per week and limiting with preparation use for 4-5 weeks may avoid virilization cases or to minimize them.

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