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Nandrolone belongs to anabolic steroids. It was first synthesized in 1950. The structure of all anabolic androgenic steroids is similar to the one of natural testosterone. But the artificially synthesized analogs are better in terms of muscle growth which is an anabolic effect of the hormone. Nandrolone is a pure representative of anabolic steroids. The research has shown that it surpasses the substances with similar composition considering the time of interaction with relevant cell receptors. That influences the effectiveness of anabolic process and explains why Nandrolone is so popular in bodybuilding world.

As a medication, Nandrolone can be used for recovery after injuries, to cure dystrophy, during post-surgery and post-infarct periods. In females the product has led to increased hemoglobin and less calcium deficiency. This medication is essential for those who deal with permanent physical activities and tight schedule.

Nandrolone results

Nandrolone’s main properties are as follows:

  • anabolic effects - 150% compared to testosterone
  • androgenic effects  - 30% compared to testosterone
  • aromatization (conversion into estrogens) – minimum
  • toxic effects on liver – low
  • method of administration – injections
  • duration – 15 days (half-life period – 7 days)
  • recommended dosing – 50mg every 5 days
  • detection period – 18 months
  • testosterone suppression - high

Nandrolone doesn’t only cause the increase in muscle mass. The majority of athletes who take at least 400mg of the product a week report that strength parameters are also improved. But another rather negative factor takes place – the suppression of own testosterone production leads to degradation of nerve fiber conductivity which causes erectile dysfunction. Few people would sacrifice their sexual life. The solution is complementing Nondralone with some powerful androgenic drug, e.g. testosterone.

Nandrolone for sale

The abovementioned advantages of Nandrolone are complemented with its price. You can buy the medication online and have it delivered anywhere. Another option is to purchase Nandrolone from an offline drugstore. But if you live in the USA an official prescription is needed.

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