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What is Methandriol

For the first time Methandriol was manufactured in the USA in the beginning of 80’s. It was prescribed to patients with stunted growth, protein deficiency, negative nitrogen balance and dystrophy. Soon Methandriol became very popular in bodybuilding and power sport community.

A few professional athletes who still use this product report significant increase in strength, improved muscle growth and negligible water retention. Methandriol is low-aromatizing and nearly non-toxic. The usual dosing for athletes is 100mg every 2-3 days. In Europe Methandriol for sale is only accessible in oral form. It should be combined with other steroids, preferably in the form of injections. Regular daily dose is around 40-60mg which is usually divided into 2-3 administrations. For tables the cycle lasts 4-6 weeks as their effect decreases quickly. Higher doses could fix the situation but it’s not advisable.

Methandriol results

The active substance is rather powerful and can act as an independent muscle gaining product although it’s often used in combination with other anabolics for better results. Such combinations provide for harder muscle mass without excessive fluid retention. Most Australian drugs with Methandriol use this principle.

This steroid is sometimes very helpful in getting ready for bodybuilding contests. Alongside with low fat production androgenic features of Methandriol provide for increased muscle hardness and density. It’s also effective when combined with other non-aromatizing to achieve even better results with minimum fluid under skin. One can also add a strong non-aromatizing androgen like Halotestin or Trenbolon, but the risk of androgenic side effects will increase.

Methandriol side effects

Methandriol has very moderate side effects. Although some cases of estrogenic side effects have been reported the didn’t cause any serious harm to athletes’ health. The most common side effects include:

  • high skin fat
  • blackheads
  • hair growth (on face and body)
  • hair loss

Men with hair loss problems should take Methandriol with care. The product is not recommended for women as masculinization symptoms may occur very quickly.

Methandriol for sale

It’s very complicated to buy Methandriol 75mg in the USA. Today this steroid is more often used in Australian veterinary medications than in sport supplement industry. Since it is not sold officially you can only buy Methandriol online. We offer confidential delivery and competitive pricing.

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