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What is boldever

Boldever is an anabolic steroid with moderate androgenic action. The active substance of this product is boldenone undisilenat. It was first developed and used in veterinary medicine. The purpose of the medication was to cause the same effects as methandrostenolone while keeping them through a longer period. But the result was an entirely new anabolic steroid with completely different characteristics.

Boldever for sale is offered in sport pharmacology shops as often as methandrostenolone-based products. The medications have nearly same effect on mass gain and strength parameters. Boldever injections are often used by those athletes who take part in bodybuilding contests. Beginners also buy Boldever to kickstart their muscle growth, get amazing results and keep them as long as possible.

Boldever results

This undisilenat ether has been developed to provide the peak concentration of the active substance in the body for as long as 15-25 days. It is the “longest” ether used with anabolic steroids. The most important effects of Boldever in bodybuilding are:

  • Increased red blood cells count. The product stimulates the production of red blood cells which ensures that muscle receive more oxygen. The athletes who take Boldever significantly improve their stamina
  • The product provides the growth of quality muscle mass without causing excess water accumulation
  • Improved appetite. The muscle gain is partially caused by large quantity of food consumed by athletes on Boldever cycles
  • Improved sexual drive

Boldever for sale

The feedback by athletes who buy Boldever is positive in 98% of cases. They report no throwback effect after the cycle and significant increase of power both during the cycle and after it. Before buying Boldever online or offline one should decide which dosing suits him and how many injections he will need. Professional athletes pay special attention to choosing the right dosing and adherence to it. Most experts recommend starting with minimum dosing. Anyway, the best option is to consult your physician or at least an experienced athlete who will also recommend you where to buy Boldever.

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