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Active half-life 14 DAYS
Dosage MEN 400-1000 MG/WEEK
Water retention LOW
Hepatoxity LOW

Boldenon-E – like the majority of steroids, helps growing the muscular mass by the way of nitrogen balance increase to the positive part which leads to productive protein synthesis and significant appetite increase! Among the preparations that are known long ago most people are looking for those which will be able to overcome the present results, and this is the success for boldenon. The proof for this is even not its anabolic activity but the final result after the course.

Boldenon, the most often used steroid for the courses of dry mass. It is combined for this aim especially with Trenbolone, stanozolol and testosterone propionate. I am not the big lover of testosterone while drying although propionate is used quiet well by the others. Stanozolol is irreplaceable in practice in order to increase the strength and muscle toughness while Boldenon undecylenate increases vascularity without the risk of aromatization. 50 mg of stanozolol everyday with 300-400 mg/week will be able to reach the results keeping increased vascularity and relief without losing the fat deposits. Trenbolone may be a worthy addition for those who seeks for moderate results in mass but good results in reaching the musculature quality. Parabolan of 76 mg once in two days, for example, will bring real result for dry mass in combination with Boldenone injection without the problem to lose the form and relief. In any case the choice is after you.

Boldenone bodybuilding

Although I remarked it rarely but I will say what I personally think that Boldenon is the best choice for mass accumulation. Due to vascularity effect it is principally used for dry mass but if you use steroids that increase the appetite such as Boldenon, then it is hard to cope losing weight. The possibility of using Boldenon in combination with Testosterone Enathate or Cypionate for better effect inspires when compared to Nandrolone. Something like base. Less aromatizing than Nandrolone, not having the annoying progestogenic effect, meanwhile unbelievably increasing the appetite, which is reflected on the considerable weight addition at the end of course.

Boldenone cycles

300-400 mg/week of Boldenon + 500 mg of Sustamed or 500 mg of Testosterone Enathate may create an incredible combination. Even for those who prefer Nandrolone, the addition of small dosages of Boldenon will far advance the abilities of your appetite. And Boldenon is stronger than Nandrolone but with less expressed suppressed work of endocrine glands.

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