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Bacteriostatic water

Bacteriostatic water for injections is used for pharmaceutical products intended for use in liquid form. One ml of such water contains 0,9% of benzyl alcohol and the same percentage of sodium chloride. Bacteriostatic water 10 ml is the most popular and accessible package. Sterile bacteriostatic water is used in healthcare and various sports to prepare injection and infusion solutions.

In bodybuilding it is usually used for administration of pharmaceutical products including peptides. It allows to dissolve active components that are often in a form of powder in the most effective way. Another undisputed advantage consists in safety of injections that are often made in non-sterile environment. The most often use of bacteriostatic water is for HGH injections.

Although there are many analogs (normal saline, sterile water, etc.) bacteriostatic water has some exclusive features. First of all, it contains benzyl alcohol, which is capable of destroying all known types of bacteria. When piercing a vial with a syringe you can easily infect the contents with bacteria that would grow quickly in pure sterile water. It’s obvious that making injections with bacteria is extremely dangerous for health and can cause unpredictable effects.

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If you are going to use bacteriostatic water for HGH injections you may adhere to the following steps:

  • Inspect the bottle carefully: make sure that sterile bacteriostatic water is transparent and the bottle is properly sealed. The plastic protection over the needle entrance area should be present
  • Wipe the needle entrance area with antiseptic (wipes for injections). Let alcohol evaporate before you continue
  • Use sterile syringe to draw up the needed quantity of bacteriostatic water from the bottle and then insert the needle into the vial with HGH, peptide, etc. Push the plunger directing the stream to the wall rather than to the powder
  • After the first use place a sticker with date and time to make sure that you don’t exceed the recommended storage period (25-28 days after you open the bottle). The product should be stored at 20-25 °C.

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